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The school library is an essential part of every school. It supports staff by providing them with resources to support their teaching.  The school library provides dynamic and inspiring opportunities for students to be engaged with quality literature that supports the students' life-long learning. 

In the library you will find myself, the Teacher Librarian (Mrs Carlson), our Library Assistant and our wonderful parent helpers.

Our school library.     Our school library.






Every school student at Tanilba Bay Public school attends a library lesson once a week. Early stage one and stage one visit the library for half an hour. Stage two for 45 minutes and stage three for an hour. In this time the students are assisted in borrowing books, storytime occurs in which participation by students in book discussions is encouraged. This allows for all students to voice their own opinions as thoughts. As well as this, stage three teachers and students are supported by the Teacher Librarian by collaboratively teaching HSIE units of work with the focus being on research skills.

The promotion of and teaching of good quality children's literature is the foundation of our library. Being abe to provide students with books that open up new worlds and encourage a love of reading is an  important part of the library's role in the education of the students.

Another important resource that students use to facilitate their research skills and education is 'The Bookworm Corner Library' web page. This site provides students with valid websites to use for assignments, latest books, book reviews and Stage 3 use this for their work in their Science and Technology units.

You can view this fabulous site at: wayoutcommunicationstage3.weebly.com

So grab a book today, and leap into reading.

Mrs Carlson

Mrs Carlson Library