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Learning from Home


Thanks to our amazing community, Tanilba Bay students are doing plenty of learning, caring and sharing at home while our Local Government Area (LGA) remains under Stay-at-Home orders.


Resources For Transition Back to School:

Top LFH Tips for Parents

·     Establish routines and expectations

·     Define a space for your child to work in

·     Monitor communications from your child’s teacher and the school

·     Remind your child to check-in

·     Take an active role in helping your child understand their learning

·     Encourage your child to get active and get some exercise

·     Check in with your child about how they’re feeling and help them manage stress

·     Keep track of how much time your child is spending online and what they’re doing there (please discourage use of online gaming where not age-appropriate)

·     Help you child to maintain social connection, but set clear boundaries and rules about use of social media or online forums.

Setting up a Learning Environment

Try to create a quiet, comfortable space where your child can do their schoolwork.

Your child’s LFH space should be somewhere where you can see them and supervise what they are doing, so a family space rather than a bedroom is best.

It should be a space that can be quiet when needed and have good wireless/internet.

Most importantly, it should be a space where you or another adult is present to support your child’s learning.

Setting up routines and expectations

Your child’s teacher will have posted a daily timetable in their online classroom.

If your child cannot access their online classroom, please help your child to create a timetable for their day’s learning.

Their timetable should include regular breaks for exercise, food and drink. It is very important that students get up and move around regularly.

Don’t overdo things.

Take a look at this Time Expectations Guide for Families to see roughly how much time children should be spending on various activities.

Home Learning Hub

The Department of Education’s website has a fantastic Home Learning Hub, which includes some amazing resources for families.

The packs we prepare at school are designed to enable “continuity of learning”. That is, so that children will continue with the programs they were involved with at school and when we return to school, will be ready to continue those programs along with their classmates.

If your child needs more schoolwork or something a little different, these guided learning packages include teaching videos and work tasks.

Learning Hub


You and your child’s regular class teacher are now a teaching team. You need to look after yourself so that you can continue to support your child’s learning. Should you or your child be struggling with the demands of Lockdown, you are not alone.

Our School Counsellor, Learning and Support Teacher (LaST) and Intervention Team are all still on duty (mostly working from home) and eager to support you and your child when you need a hand.

Your child’s classroom teacher is your first point-of-contact and will arrange extra support if needed. All parents have the email contact of their child’s class teacher, but can also contact the school by emailing tanilbabay-p.school@det.nsw.edu.au

Children and young people from 5-25 years can find valuable information at this amazing site.

Kids Helpline offers free telephone counselling as well as safe, free and private online peer support for 13–25 year olds.

Check out the great “Feelings Check-In” to help your child talk about their feelings while in Lockdown and learn how to manage those feelings.


Kids Helpline has resources for parents too!


For more information, parents can also access Remote learning advice for parents and carers on the Department of Education’s website.

This website has links to even more at-home learning packages for any families not able to access the packs prepared by our teachers. 



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